You would later relate your Mini Spy Camera to your laptop’s USB haven to upload and picture the videos or photos on Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/ XP/VISTA OS and Linux. This Spy Camera is one of the coolest gadgets you will have seen in a long time, and you will find a host of uses for this little beauty. You can renounce it behind on your counter when you go to dine to find out what colleagues are up to in your absence.

The best gift you can give to anyone on New Year is a technology gadget. Firstly, it will be useful for him and secondly he/she will surely love it. I am going to tell you about four different future gadget.

I highly recommend using a tickler file to capture dated information such as upcoming events, meetings with clients, pending orders, etc. See my article on How to create a Tickler File on my website for further information.